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(Web Clips #1) Self-cleaning Bottle and Baby-friendly Cleaning Sprays

(These clips are website snippets of stories that can make millennial mom-ing easier. Or at least more interesting.)

Larq Bottle: The re-usable bottle that doesn’t need washing.

Mom-ing is hard. Even staying hydrated can be such a chore. Whether at home, work, or traveling, remembering to drink water can often be pushed to the bottom of our list. In comes the Larq bottle.

The Larq is a reusable bottle that uses UV technology to kill bacteria inside of it. This means that you may never have to wash this water bottle. I don’t know about you, but finding somewhere to wash my bottle when I am anywhere else but at home (such as the playground or beach) is such an annoyance. Having a bottle that technically doesn’t need to be cleaned would be amazing.

The bottle retails for a hefty $95 on Amazon.

Baby-Friendly Cleaning Products

My kids aren’t babies anymore. But I am always on the look out for products that are both safe to use with my family, effective, and (as a bonus) kind to the environment. Plus, anything that’s safe for a baby is more than safe enough for everybody else.

The list by BabyGaga showcases 10 items, from big-named brands like Lysol and Purell catering to the baby market, to traditionally baby-focused companies like BabyGanics.

The list covers mainly multi- or all-purpose products, with one toy cleaner on the market (by Clean Smart).

Check out the list if you’re interesting in ridding your home of harsher chemicals.

What interesting news recently caught your millennial mom eye?

Comment below and let’s discuss!

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