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Top 5 Things I Wish for My Kids — and Maybe You Should Too

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Just like the late, great Martin Luther King Jr., we too have dreams for our kids. Because we love them so very deeply, our dreams create a vision of what we believe is the absolute best life for them — from now into the future.

We spend every day of our lives invested in our kids and their future.

If you’re like me, sometimes you end up spending more time thinking and planning for their future than enjoying them in the present. (But I am trying to do a little better every single day, and you shouldn’t beat yourself up if you are too.)

Because of this, any parent can at the drop of a dime give you a list of what they want most for their kids, beyond the common prayer for life, health, and strength.

Here are the top 5 things on my wish list.


The number one thing I wish for my kids is wisdom. I want to them have the wisdom to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. I hope they have the wisdom to think long term when they need to and to make the day-to-day decisions that best get them to their own personal visions for their lives.

I want them to have to wisdom to identify the good from the bad, to know when to speak and when to stay silent. I want them to always make the best choice using the information that they have at the time.

I believe that wisdom is the core of each thing that I wish for my kids, and sets the foundation on which they should build their lives.


I wish for them to always feel loved. Too many times people search for love in all the wrong places, doing all the wrong things. Sometimes, feeling unloved has been the reason that motivated people to behave in the most unacceptable ways. I want my kids to never feel the despair of feeling unloved.

I want them to be surrounded by the best of friends and by the closest of family. I want them to always have at least one person they can turn to in their times of greatest need.

I want them to know how it feels to give love to someone and be loved equally or more in return. I want them to always be loved as much as I love them.


There is so much to be said about this topic, and it ties in seamlessly to the other wishes. Having a strong sense of self impacts literally every aspect of your life, from the friends you make, how you treat others, and what dreams and goals you have for yourself.

If you don’t know who you are, or don’t have faith in that person, you could end up spending a lot of time in the wrong places, doing all the wrong things, and feeling considerably unhappy.

I want my kids to not just walk around survive the mundane day-to-day activities in their lives. I want them to be fully invested in living their best lives possible.

And I strongly believe that by understanding, knowing, and loving who they are and what they believe in, they can better accomplish that.


Life is not perfect, no matter how much I wish this was the case especially for my kids. But, what I cannot protect them from, maybe I can teach them to handle unhappy situations much better than I have for a long time.

For my kids, I wish them the resilience to bounce back from the things that may go wrong in their life. I wish them the ability to properly process their emotions, find simultaneous solutions and silver linings to help them recover on darker days.

I wish that they are always able to find their own path, well-lit and accessible, so that they can remain fully engaged in life.

I want them to always have the peace of mind to remember the Serenity Prayer–to focus on changing the things they can control and accepting the things they can’t.


My brown boys are automatically at a disadvantage, simply because of their skin color. They will be judged immediately on appearance, considered thugs for wearing a hooded sweater to keep warm, or a threat for daring to be in places their brownness is unexpected or unwanted. 

I wish for a better world for my kids. I wish that they were born in a better time. They say that Americans will all start looking alike by 2050, and hopefully by then the concept of brownness is more palatable to the world.

Because one day, I just know the entire human population will look exactly the same. And what will we use to discriminate against someone else then?

Those times are a long time away, but for now, I just want my kids to be seen beyond just how much melanin they have in their skin. I want them to just be seen as the beautiful, smart, kind, loving, and perfect persons that they are. I want them to just be seen as human. 

The world is not a perfect place, although I wish it was for the sake of my kids. They deserve the best that this life has to offer them, and more. 

I have many wishes for my kids, but these are currently my top 5. It is something that I always think about, and have been many times over the years.

What about you — do you like my list? Is it similar to yours? What do you wish for your kids?

Comment below and let’s discuss!

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